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Turkish Minister of Health: 15 cases of mutant COVID-19 infection have been found in Turkey

△ Statement of Turkish Health Minister Koja

January 1st, local time, Turkish Health Minister Koja issued a statement on a social platform saying that 15 mutant COVID-19 infections were found in the testing of recent Turkish personnel entering the UK, and Turkey has suspended the entry of people from the United Kingdom.

The statement said that mutant COVID-19 patients and people in contact with them have been quarantined, and no mutant COVID-19 infections have been found in people entering from other countries other than the United Kingdom.

A variant COVID-19 called VUI-202012/01 may be linked to the accelerated spread of the coronavirus in the southeastern part of England, the British government said on 14 December.

On the night of December 20, Turkey suspended flights from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark and South Africa. Two days later, Turkish Health Minister Koja said that passengers who had arrived in Turkey from the United Kingdom since December 14 had been found.

They were quarantined in their homes or hotels, and the relevant testing work had been carried out.

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