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Turkey’s President announces a 10-year space plan to land on the moon in 2023

Erdogan: Turkey and the United States have more common interests than differences, and expect a "win-win" with the Biden administration.

Turkish President Erdoğan. Photo by Sheng Jiapeng, reporter of China News Service

February 10 According to foreign media reports, on the 9th local time, Turkish President Erdoğan announced a space decade plan for the country, including landing on the moon in 2023 and sending his citizens into space.

Erdogan said that Turkey plans to land the spacecraft on the moon in 2023, the country’s commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey.

This is also the first and most important goal of Turkey’s space program.

Erdogan also announced that Turkey’s goal is to send Turkish citizens into space through international cooperation, cooperate with other countries to build space launch sites, and build a “global brand” in satellite technology.

He said: “I hope this road map can be successfully realized, which will make Turkey a leader in the global space race.”

According to reports, in January, Erdogan and Musk, president of SpaceX, USA, held talks on cooperation in space technology, but Erdogan did not further introduce the cooperation between the two sides in his speech on February 9.

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