Turkey plans to build a “drone aircraft carrier” that can carry a variety of drones

November 29 According to a report on Spain’s “Galaxy Military” website on November 24, while the Turkish defense industry is preparing to deliver the “Anadolu”-class amphibious attack ship head ship, the plan to build an aircraft carrier also occupies an important place on the country’s agenda.

Ismail Demir, head of the Turkish Defense Industry Authority, stressed that the construction of aircraft carriers should be seen as part of Turkey’s vision of “becoming a world power”. He said that the Anadolus class was originally classified as an aircraft carrier by the media, but in fact it was not.

Demir said, “It should be a dock landing ship.” However, when we learned that drones (UAVs) or drones (UCAVs) can be deployed on Anadolu-class amphibious attack ships, “we began to work on the concept (to enable this class attack ship to carry drones)”. Drones will soon become operational.

In addition, Demir stressed that a second more complete ship is on the agenda, and according to President Erdogan’s announcement, it can be classified as a real aircraft carrier.

He said, “We have seen that the concept of aircraft carriers is beginning to change.” Because Turkey has also put forward a new concept that has attracted global attention – “drone aircraft carrier”.

Demir said, “There is an idea that a larger ship can be considered to accommodate a variety of UAVs or UCAVs with jet or propeller power.”