Tunisia Libya Political Dialogue ends : Libya reached agreement on parliamentary and presidential elections

According to Tunisian media reports on the 16th, the first Libyan Political Dialogue in Tunisia, supported by the United Nations, ended on the 15th. 

The parties to the conflict in Libya agreed to hold the presidential and parliamentary elections on December 24, 2021.

The parties failed to reach consensus on many core issues related to the future of the

Libyan crisis, including the composition of the future government and the mechanism for determining the candidate list.

△United Nations Secretary-General’s Acting Special Envoy for Libya, Williams

At a press conference held in the early morning of the 16th, Williams, the acting special envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General on Libya, announced the end of the Libyan political dialogue in Tunisia. 

Participants failed to reach a final agreement on the criteria for implementing agencies and candidates during the transition period. Williams revealed that the consultations will continue through video conferences on the Internet in a week. 

Williams acknowledged the difficulty of resolving the Libya issue. She said: “The solution to the ten-year conflict cannot be completed within a week.”

A Libyan source at the site of the dialogue revealed that in the last two days of the dialogue, the participants had major differences when discussing and revising the relevant texts of the presidential committee and the future unified government regarding political factions.

The list of candidates and the distribution of positions. Competition is fierce on such issues. On the last day of the dialogue, people familiar with the matter said that the participants voted against a proposed bill

And opposed excluding all officials who have served in Libya since August 2014 from the list of candidates for the new presidential committee and the future unified government . 

The bill was opposed by 45 participants, and only 29 people expressed support.