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Trump’s religious belief adviser was diagnosed and attended the White House Christmas party last week.

Trump's religious belief adviser was diagnosed and attended the White House Christmas party last week.

Paula White Cain prays for Trump in April, with Franklin in attendance (back right) Source: Social Media

Associated Press report on December 20 local time, Jentezen Franklin, a senior priest of a large church in Georgia and a religious adviser to President Trump, was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus.

As a senior pastor at Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia, Franklin did not attend a live and video broadcast event at the church on Sunday.

Another pastor, Javon Ruff, announced at the event that Franklin was tested and confirmed to be positive for the novel coronavirus. He is in good shape right now and is doing the right thing to be quarantined and continue to practice social distancing with others. We will continue to pray and encourage him.

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It is worth noting that Franklin went to a Christmas party at the White House last Tuesday. He posted photos of himself and his daughter attending the party on the social platform Instagram. In response, the church announced that Franklin’s diagnosis had nothing to do with the party.

“Franklin’s visit to the White House is not related to his diagnosis,” a church spokesman said in a statement. Franklin had contact with an infected person at an event last Thursday.”

According to the introduction, Franklin is Trump’s religious belief adviser. Franklin has revealed that he and Trump have met at least 10 times to talk about religious beliefs. After Trump contracted the coronavirus, Franklin attended the Trump campaign’s video prayer meeting to pray for him.

The Associated Press pointed out that recently, the White House held more than 10 indoor parties, and failed to strictly enforce social distancing and wear masks, which has been criticized by outside world.

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