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Trump was exposed to be huddled in the White House and entered the mode of “self-pity”

Trump was exposed to be huddled in the White House and entered the mode of "self-pity"

On the 13th, Trump finally released a statement condemning violence on Twitter through the official account of the White House (video screenshot)

Trump’s “evening scene” at the White House is desolate. There is still one week to hand over power. He was not only “banned” by social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, but also impeached, becoming the first “two bomb” president in American history.

CNN learned from White House sources on the 14th that Trump “entered the self-pity mode” in the White House alone.

CNN is an American liberal media on the front line of anti-Trump. It has repeatedly depicted his awkward image in the words of a source. Although Trump’s own emotions cannot be confirmed elsewhere, from CNN reports, you can still get a glimpse of the White House and the current chaos of the Trump regime–

“In the White House, everyone is unhappy with everyone,” a Trump adviser who declined to be named told CNN. He also said that the president was upset because he felt that people (around him) did not defend him well.

The source also said, “It was his behavior that led to the end, not someone else. He incited the mob to storm the Capitol, so it was not easy to find a Republican who sympathized with him.

In fact, many Republicans did start cutting seats after they were considered to be the “starters” of the violent conflict in Congress.

Trump’s second impeachment bill passed by 232 votes in favor and 197 votes against on the afternoon of January 13 local time, charged with “sedition”. Among them, 10 Republican congressmen voted in favor and 4 Republican congressmen abstained.

After the automatic chaos, there was a wave of resignations in the White House, and Hope Hicks, who was once one of Trump’s closest aides, also submitted his resignation.

Another source told CNN, “It’s not a good thing that he is in the White House.”

“He is helpless and can only exchange ideas with a few people. No matter what happens, he always relies on his worst intuition. Twitter can’t be used now, and only God knows how his emotional thoughts are cathartic.” Sources said.

CNN said that one of Trump’s “stomeros” now is to exercise his remaining power: the right to pardon. Several sources told CNN that Trump will announce the next batch of pardons on Thursday (14th) local time.

A source also pointed out that Trump is planning to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick tomorrow, but Belichick refused. The same effect can be achieved by declaring pardons, especially for some people with topicality.

In addition, it is doubtful whether Trump will pardon himself and his family. A person near Trump said that it was not a good idea after the riots, but “he wants to exercise the remaining powers.”

Six days later (January 20), Biden will officially take office as President of the United States. The U.S. National Guard is ready near the Capitol.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) previously warned in an internal announcement that “armed protests” may break out in all 50 states and capital Washington, D.C., from this week to the inauguration day of the President of the United States.

In a threat message to the FBI, a group said that if President Trump was removed from office before inauguration day, they would “attack” into courthouses and administrative buildings of the U.S. state, local and federal governments.

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