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Trump threatened to refuse to sign the new bill related to the epidemic, forcing Congress to amend the content.

The winter is coming, and the United States has entered the most sensitive two days!

TOPSHOT - US President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with advisors about fentanyl in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC on June 25, 2019. (Photo by Mandel Ngan / AFP)

December 22nd local time, U.S. President Trump issued a video speech expressing dissatisfaction with the coronavirus relief stimulus bill passed by both houses of the United States Congress on the 21st.

According to Fox News on December 22, Trump claimed that the stimulus relief bill was affected by the “left agenda”.

He also said that because the relief stimulus bill is “too much in provision”, many members of Congress have failed to carefully consider it, ignoring that many of the money stipulated in the bill will go to Myanmar, Cambodia and other countries, rather than “helping the American people”.

According to Fox News, Trump threatened not to sign the bailout stimulus bill, hoping that Congress could make further changes.

According to previous reports, late at night on December 21 local time, the U.S. Senate passed a 91-7 vote of about 900 billion US dollars (about 5.9 trillion yuan) of the coronavirus relief stimulus bill.

Earlier on the 21st, the House of Representatives passed the coronavirus relief stimulus bill 359 to 53. This means that both houses of the U.S. Congress have voted to pass the stimulus relief bill.

The bill includes $600 cash payments for the majority of Americans, $300 weekly supplemental unemployment insurance benefits, a new round of subsidies for hard-hit American enterprises, and driving funds for schools, health insurance practitioners and rent-bearing tenants.

Media reports said that the final agreement of the rescue bill would be the largest anti-epidemic aid expenditure by the U.S. Congress so far.

The bailout bill passed by both houses of Congress will be sent to Trump for signature next. Trump’s statement on the 22nd hindered the process of the bill.

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