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Trump supporters want to protest at Twitter headquarters, police are ready

Founder and CEO of Twitter: It's right, but it's also a failure to shut down Trump's Twitter.

Twitter is headquartered in San Francisco, USA (AP)

January 12 According to a U.S. media report on the 11th, after Twitter permanently banned US President Trump’s personal account, the police received news that its supporters planned to go to Twitter headquarters to protest, and urged police officers to be prepared.

The U.S. Capitol Hill quoted local media sources as saying that the San Francisco police have contacted representatives of Twitter and said that if there is a protest, there will be enough police resources to deal with it.

Twitter said that they had an open and transparent reason to ban Trump’s account, and stressed that the safety of company employees should be put first.

According to the report, the police did not disclose whether there were any signs of demonstrators flooding into the relevant areas, saying that the police plan could not be discussed under the policy.

In addition, someone posted on a right-wing forum that supports Trump, calling on supporters to gather at Twitter headquarters on the morning of the 11th local time and bring loudspeakers, cameras and plastic handcuffs to “arrest those who incite violence”. Others suggest that they should wear masks, sunglasses and hats to cover their identities.

During the riots in the U.S. Congress on the 6th, the police also arrested at least two demonstrators in tactical equipment and plastic handcuffs.

The FBI warned that as Biden’s inauguration approached, groups planned to launch protest demonstrations in the capitals of 50 states and Washington.

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