Trump may accept the election results, but will not admit defeat

12th November A number of sources close to US President Trump revealed that Trump may stop disagreeing with the results of the general election, but he will not admit defeat even after all popular vote counts are completed.

US NBC News reported on the 12th that an unnamed senior Trump adviser said bluntly: “Don’t expect him to make concessions. He is more likely to say,’Although we can’t trust the election result, I will not question it anymore. ‘Such words.” Another adviser said frankly that after all the litigation on the election dispute and the recount, Trump may say: “I admit the result, but we will never know how accurate the result is. “

Earlier on the 7th, the Trump team issued a statement stating that it would launch a legal challenge to the election results from the 9th. Earlier, the Trump campaign had filed lawsuits in multiple states on vote-counting issues, alleging election fraud.

According to reports, some Trump advisers still believe that he may win and continue to support his struggle attempts, but the number is gradually decreasing. Some aides to the president pointed out that Trump is gradually realizing the fact that the election results will not be reversed.

Another of his aides said: “Trump also understands that the possibility of changes in the election results is actually zero.”

At the same time, many of Trump’s Republican allies believe that Trump has successfully portrayed himself as the “main opponent” of the Democratic Party in the past four years, not only has 89 million followers on Twitter, but also At least 72 million popular votes were won in this general election. Because of this, many advisers look forward to Trump’s participation in the 2024 U.S. election again.