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Trump is considering leaving the White House “dramatically”: hold an opposition rally on Biden’s inauguration day

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Current President Trump of the United States Source: Associated Press

Not only may he not attend the swearing-in ceremony of President-elect Biden’s inauguration day, but also hold a “crazy” opposition rally? Just now, the U.S. media revealed that Trump was considering this “plan”.

Fox News reported on the evening of the 6th local time that according to Axios News, Trump is considering leaving the White House “dramatically”, including the last flight to Florida on the presidential plane “Air Force One” to host an opposition episode on the day of Biden’s inauguration (January 20 next year). Yes.

(Fox: Trump reportedly plans to “rob” Biden against the rally on the inaugural day)


“Trump’s speech could create a ‘split screen’ scene: the outgoing president addresses the noisy crowd at the airport hangar, while the new president is sworn in in front of a socially distanced audience outside the Capitol.” Axios News Network said.

(Axios News Network: Trump’s crazy departure plan at the inauguration ceremony)


Fox News also said that people familiar with the matter told NBC that Trump planned not to attend the inauguration of his successor and had put forward the idea of holding a rally in Florida, at which time he might announce that he would seek to re-enter the White House in 2024.

However, in response to the above content, Axios News Network said that the Trump campaign refused to comment on Trump’s plan on election day.

White House spokesman Judd Deere said: “Anonymous sources claiming that the president has considered [about the plan] do not know [Trump’s ideas]. When President Trump announces his plan for January 20, he will let you know.”

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