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Trump appeared in the media for the first time after leaving office to mourn the death of the radio host.

Return to the political spotlight? Trump may make his first public speech after leaving office.

Former U.S. President Trump.

February 18 – According to the “Central News Agency”, Rush Limbaugh, a well-known conservative radio talk show in the United States and a staunch supporter of former President Trump, died of illness on February 17.

He was 70 years old. Trump praised and mourned him in an interview with the media, which was the first time that Trump appeared in the media since leaving office.

Limbaugh’s wife reportedly announced on Limbaugh’s program on the 17th that Limbaugh died of lung cancer.

Limbaugh is a well-known American radio host, an important opinion leader of right-wing conservatives, and a strong supporter of Trump.

In 2020, Trump also awarded the Freedom Medal to Limbaugh, who had just revealed that he had cancer, when he delivered his State of the Union address to Congress.

Regarding Limbaugh’s death, Trump rarely called Fox News to express his condolences for Limbaugh’s death.

Limbaugh’s greatest wish, Trump said, was to stick to the 2020 presidential election, and he also worked hard and firmly until the end of the election.

“He is really great and realized his wish.”

Asked if President Biden will issue a statement to mourn Limbaugh’s death at a regular White House press conference on the 17th, White House spokesman Jen Psaki said that she had only learned about Limburg’s death before the press conference began and had not talked about it with Biden.

She also conveyed condolences on behalf of Biden and condolences to the Limbaugh family.

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