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Trump administration employees are required to pack their bags and prepare to leave the White House in two weeks.

How powerful is the "Trump Party"?

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December 24th – According to an email from the U.S. Newsweek on the 23rd, an email from the Executive Office of the United States revealed that the Trump administration will start withdrawing from the White House in two weeks, although its campaign is still trying to overthrow the election results in key states.

Newsweek reported on the 23rd that although current U.S. President Trump met with Republicans on Monday (21st) to discuss opposing Biden’s victory in several states when Congress authenticating the results of the electoral college on January 6 next year, the White House is internally preparing for the departure of the Trump administration.

Screenshots of Newsweek’s report

According to the report, a CBS (CBS) reporter said on the morning of the 23rd that White House staff received an email from the Executive Office of the President on the evening of the 22nd, instructing them to start cleaning their desks and packing office supplies from January 4 next year.

The email lists the things to do, such as “cleaning the refrigerator and microwave”, “returning the presidential gift to room 1” and “take your personal belongings home”.

The email said, “Employees will receive a more detailed list in the next few days.

As a first step, please count your office and understand that you are responsible for the following things.” The tasks to be completed continue to be listed later in the email.

According to the report, some Republican lawmakers still plan to oppose the results during the congressional count on January 6, but this attempt is not optimistic.

Any objection must be submitted in writing and supported by at least one member of the House of Representatives and one senator.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell and other Republican Senate leaders have urged their colleagues not to support the opposition of Republicans in the House of Representatives.

Even when Republican senators and House members try to overturn the election results of key states, they need the support of a majority in both houses of Congress to succeed, but the House of Representatives is controlled by Democrats.

According to U.S. media, at least 86 judges have dismissed the lawsuit since the Trump team and his supporters began to challenge the election results.

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