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tropical cyclone shahin has struck oman, killing at least 11 people

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Mascut Oman October 4 2021, According to muscat official news: according to oman tv reported on the 4th, tropical cyclone shahin recently hit oman, the country’s northern and eastern provinces encountered extreme weather, has killed 11 people.

reported that “shahin” 3 night in the omani capital muscat northwest of about 250 kilometers of landfall, including muscat province, including a number of provinces, heavy rainfall and high winds and other extreme weather, some areas were hit by floods. as of the 4th, extreme weather has caused 11 deaths, many injuries or missing, and caused huge property damage.

sultan haisem of oman has ordered the government to set up an emergency “disaster assessment committee” to assess the damage in the areas where the storm centre passed, as well as to repair damaged infrastructure. the state will provide relief and support to the affected population on the basis of the assessment report.

oman has temporarily closed muscat international airport. road traffic in muscat province, with the exception of highways, is closed and highways are used to provide emergency assistance and assistance.

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