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Tornadoes hit many states in the United States, killing at least 88 people in the United States

Tornadoes hit many states in the United States, killing at least 88 people in the United States

December 13, at least 88 people were killed in the tornado disaster that hit many states in the United States. Among them, at least 74 people died in the most affected Kentucky, and the whereabouts of more than 100 people are still unknown.

Kentucky Governor Bashir said on the 13th that the death toll may rise as the search continues. In the state’s Dawson Springs, about 75% of the area has become a ruin.

TV reporter : It may be difficult for you to imagine that the area I was in was still a residential area a few days ago. But after the giant tornado passed here on the evening of the 10th, 75% of the places called Dawson Springs became what it is now. As of the morning of the 13th local time, 13 people had died in this small town with 2700 people, and the whereabouts of about 100 people were still unknown.

Reed Gillery, a resident of Dawson Springs, USA: It’s terrible. It’s like hell on earth. People have nothing now. It’s too bad and terrible.

Infrastructure has been severely damaged, and many disaster victims are homeless

The tornado caused serious damage to infrastructure in the affected areas, damage to large areas of buildings, and homeless many disaster victims. At present, about 2.6 million households and enterprises in Kentucky have power outages, and 1 million households and enterprises are out of water. State officials say victims of destroyed homes may have to live weeks or more in cold winter without gas, water and electricity.

During the reporter’s visit to Dawson Springs, local residents said that before the 13th, the city did not even have a mobile phone signal. At present, only one emergency communication vehicle maintains the occasional signal in the city, allowing residents to communicate with the outside world.

Angela, a resident of Dawson SpringsUSA: It’s going to rain soon. Many people want to cover their house with tarpaulins. Even if their house is still there, the roof may be gone.

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