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Top U.S. food supplier warns: Cookies may be out of stock during the holiday

Top U.S. food supplier warns: Cookies may be out of stock during the holiday

Pictured is a truck carrying extraordinary farm cookies (Source: New York Post)

Overseas Network, December 10 According to US media reports, Campbell Soup, the top local food supplier, said that there may be a shortage of biscuit products during the holiday, including the current hot-selling Milan and flagman biscuits.

According to the New York Post on December 10, the U.S. Golden Campbell warned people of a shortage of biscuits on the shelves of shopping malls during the holiday. And this company is one of the largest commercial dessert manufacturers in the United States.

King Tomb-Po, a company that makes cookies under the Pepperidge Farms brand, warned people that cookies will face shortages before the busiest season, including very popular categories such as Milan and Bannerman.

In an earnings call with investors, Kim-Tumble CEO Mark Krause attributed the shortage of goods to growing demand and labor shortages, both of which are undoubtedly caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the company’s data analysis report, the consumption of biscuits in the United States has increased by 25% since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic.

On average, one in five Americans eats more than three cookies a day, and 95% of Americans eat cookies every month.

In addition, the company has to face not only soaring demand for food, but also the dilemma of not having a third-party manufacturer to produce cookies, because the unique shape of this biscuit makes it difficult to rapidly increase production when demand grows.

“We’ve prioritized increasing supply, while we’re taking advantage of network capacity opportunities to meet growing demand and maximize availability,” Kim Tombow said in an interview with Bloomberg.

Food shortages have been occurring throughout the year, including meat shortages, which have also affected the major producers of the United States, Tyson Foods and Smithfield Foods.

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