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Tom was furious when the crew violated the epidemic prevention measures: Say apology to those who are homeless because of our shutdown.

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“If I see it again, you will leave immediately! Say apology to those who are homeless because of our shutdown…” According to a recording of the British newspaper The Sun, Tom Cruise recently scorned at the crew who did not comply with the COVID-19 epidemic prevention measures, which immediately became a social media hotspot after it was exposed on the 15th.

Tom Cruise’s anger was that during the shooting of Mission Impossible 7, two crew members working in front of the computer screen failed to comply with the epidemic prevention requirements of “one meter apart”, which was likely to cause the crew to stop working. Mission Impossible 7 was forced to suspend filming when the epidemic was at its peak in March this year.

After restarting, it had to move the Italian scene to the United Kingdom for filming. Tom Cruise said that he had spent a lot of effort to call production companies and insurance companies one by one to buy jobs for thousands of participants in the project. He must not let practitioners lose their jobs again because of their indifference to epidemic prevention requirements.

Mission Impossible 7 was originally scheduled to be released in November next year.

Tom Cruise, as the star and producer, obviously cherishes the current shooting opportunities. During the shooting of the outdoor scene, social distancing was repeatedly emphasized for both the crew and the onlookers.

He even paid 500,000 pounds out of his own pocket to rent cruise ships for the crew to facilitate quarantine. Although this time, due to anger, this attitude of responsibility for work and the health of others has been recognized by everyone.

In fact, Hollywood, which has suffered from the shutdown of the epidemic, urgently needs a positive star like Tom Cow to be an example, but there are still incidents such as Robert Pattinson, the star of the new Batman, who tested positive forefoot of COVID-19 and kissing his girlfriend outside.

According to Deadline, Hollywood producers and unions have made changes to employee epidemic prevention safety measures since this month, including increasing the number of tests and more flexibility in adjusting shifts and holidays due to the increasing number of new cases in the production.

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