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Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee Chairman apologized for improper remarks, but said that he had “no intention to resign”

The Governor of Tokyo plans to absent from the Olympic Quartet due to Yoshiro Mori's speech

△On April 28, 2020, Yoshiro Mori, chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, accepted an interview with the Japanese media "Nikkan Sports". (Image source: "Journal Sports")

After being suspected of making improper remarks that discriminate against women, Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee Chairman Yoshiro Mori apologized.

According to the Japan Times and British Reuters, Yoshiro Mori, chairman of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee (Tokyo 2020 Olympic Organizing Committee), apologized for his “inappropriate” remarks against the Olympic spirit on the 4th, but said he would not consider resigning.

The day before, Mori said at a meeting about women’s excessive speech, which later raised doubts about his suspicion of gender discrimination.

The Japan Times said that Yoshiro Mori apologized for his sexist remarks about women on the 4th, saying that his previous remarks violated the Olympic spirit.

He said he would withdraw these remarks but would not resign.

“That’s an inappropriate comment. I want to apologize for this. said Yoshiro Mori.

However, when asked if he would resign, Yoshiro Mori said that he had “no intention to resign” and stressed that he had a responsibility to hold a successful Olympic Games.

According to the report, during a meeting held on the 3rd, when discussing the gender diversity of the members of the members of the Japanese Olympic Committee, Mori complained that women spoke too much and had a “strong sense of competition”, and he suggested limiting the time for women to speak.

“If there were a lot of women on the board, the meeting would be delayed.” Yoshiro Mori also quoted his experience as president of the Japan Rugby Football Union, saying, “Women have a strong sense of competition.

If one member (female) raises her hand to speak, other members will also find it necessary to speak. In the end, everyone will say something.”

“I was told that if we increase the number of women [on the board], we must also limit their speaking time to some extent.

Otherwise they will never stop, which is problematic. Mori added.

Mori’s remarks involving women immediately caused controversy.

The Japan Times said that on the morning of the 4th, the hashtag “Kyro Mori, please resign” became popular on Japanese Twitter platforms, and some users called on sponsors to pressure the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee to remove Yoshiro Mori.

According to the report, the statement came at a time when the Tokyo Olympics was less than six months away.

Yoshiro Mori reiterated on the 2nd of this month that regardless of the COVID-19 situation, the postponed Tokyo Olympic Games will be held as scheduled this summer.

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