Tokyo Metropolitan Government once again raised the pandemic alert level to the highest

okyo, November 19 Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike announced on the 19th that Coronavirus Pandemic alert level in Tokyo will be raised by one level to the highest level. This is also the first time the alert level has been lowered since September 10th. The rest of the month rose to the highest again.

On the same day, 534 new cases of Coronavirus Pandemic were confirmed in Tokyo, and the number of confirmed cases reached a new high. So far, the total number of confirmed cases in Tokyo has reached 36,256.

At the expert meeting held on the same day, the director of the International Center for Infectious Diseases of the National International Medical Research Center of Japan, Takao Oku, said that we have noticed the rapid spread of the current Pandemic and must be vigilant for future trends.

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike said at a temporary press conference held on the evening of the 19th that the number of infections within households has increased after August. Once the virus is brought into the home, it is difficult to prevent infections within the household.

Koike also emphasized that when the end of the year is approaching, pay attention to dinner, try to control the number of people, shorten the time, talk quietly, divide food into small plates, wash hands frequently and disinfect. Elderly people and people who are prone to becoming severely ill, such as those with chronic diseases, should try to avoid participating in dinner parties.

It is reported that this is the second time that Tokyo Metropolitan Government has raised the alert level of the Coronavirus Pandemic to the highest level. Previously, due to the rapid increase in the number of infections in Tokyo starting in July, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government raised the Pandemic alert level to the highest level on July 15 and lowered it by one level about two months later on September 10.