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Three rockets attacked an Iraqi airbase

A rocket attack on Iraq's Bailaid air base

Several countries and international organizations condemned the terrorist attack in Baghdad, Iraq.

Bailed Air Force Base in Salah al-Din Governorate in northern Iraq was attacked by three Katyusha rockets on the evening of the 20th, injuring one person.

Salahaddin Provincial Police official Mohammed Bazi said on the same day that Bailed Air Force Base was attacked by three Katyusha rockets that night, one of which hit a building where a U.S. military contractor was located on the base, causing damage to the building and injuring an Iraqi employee.

The remaining two rockets landed in the open area of the base, causing no casualties.

At present, no organization or individual has claimed to have carried out the attack.

Bailed Air Force Base is located about 80 kilometers north of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.

It used to have American officers and soldiers responsible for training Iraqi troops.

January 12 last year, the base was attacked by eight Katyusha rockets, injuring four Iraqi air force personnel.

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