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Three people were killed in a helicopter crash of the Algerian navy

A small plane crash in Mexico has killed six people

A Japanese helicopter crashed in Shizuoka Prefecture, killing one person.

Tunisia, December 16 Algiers news: Algerian Ministry of Defense issued a statement on the 16th that a helicopter of the Afghan navy crashed on the same day, killing three crew members.

The statement said that on the morning of the 16th, an Algerian navy rescue helicopter crashed about 50 kilometers west of the capital Algiers while conducting flight training, killing three crew members.

After the accident, the Afghan navy launched a search in the sea area where the accident occurred.

In recent years, there have been several plane crashes in the Algerian military. In May 2019, a Afghan Air Force helicopter crashed in the southeastern Wade province, injuring two crew members.

In February 2019, a Afghan Air Force helicopter crashed in the western province of Tiaret, killing two people on board.

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