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Three French policemen were exposed for beating black person. President Macron asked for severe punishment.

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French President Emmanuel Macron attends the funeral of late French President Jacques Chirac during a military tribute at the Invalides (Hotel des Invalides) in Paris on September 30, 2019. - Chirac, whose high-profile political career spanned three decades capped by 12 years as president from 1995-2007, died on September 26, 2019, at the age of 86 in Paris. (Photo by PHILIPPE WOJAZER / POOL / AFP)

November 27th – Comprehensive report: French government sources said on the 27th that President Macron expressed “very shocked” at the video of three policemen beating a black man and demanded severe punishment for the perpetrators.

Previously, the three policemen punched and kicked a black music producer in Paris, accompanied by insults suspected of racial discrimination, which aroused a strong response in French society.

The three police officers tried to check a man’s identity after they found a man without a mask on November 21, but the man was “violent against them” in the building, according to records obtained from the police.

However, there is video evidence that three policemen dragged the black man into a room, punched, kicked him, and beat him with a stick. The man who was beaten tried to protect his face and body, and there was no video recording of beating the policeman.

The victim is reportedly named Michel, a music producer who is in his music studio. Michelle said that he shouted for help at that time and finally pushed three policemen out of the door with the help of his colleagues.

Unexpectedly, the police broke a window and threw a tear gas into the house. After that, Michelle was arrested on the grounds of “inflawing violence against public servants” and “rebellion”.

What the police officers did not know, however, was that a camera in the music studio captured their actions. Michelle was detained for 48 hours and then acquitted. The three officers have been suspended and under investigation, and they are charged with “using violence” and “making false statements by public officials”.

According to the French media, after the exposure of the incident, it aroused a strong response in French society. Paris Mayor Hidalgo said in a message: “I am deeply shocked by this intolerable behavior… fully support Michelle.”

French government sources said that French President Macron held talks with Interior Minister Dalmanin on the 26th to call for severe punishment for those who beat Michelle.

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