Three firefighters in Guatemala diagnosed with COVID-19 after hurricane rescue operation

November 16 According to the South American on November 12, three volunteer firefighters in Guatemala were diagnosed with COVID-19 after the rescue operation of Hurricane Eta ended. Currently, it is not yet possible to determine where the firefighters were infected.

According to reports, all three firefighters were from Fire Brigade No. 64 in the Uspantan district of Quiché province. After they returned to the rescue team, they developed symptoms of suspected infection with Coronavirus. In the end, the nucleic acid test results of the three people were all positive. Currently, three firefighters have been sent to the hospital for isolation treatment.

The commander of the voluntary fire brigade Giovanni Cordón (Giovanni Cordón) said that it is not yet possible to determine where the three people were infected with Coronavirus, but it is certain that they were infected during the rescue process.

Giovanni said that as of the 12th, within 5 days of participating in the disaster relief, the volunteer fire brigade had rescued more than 2,000 people and found 9 bodies in total.