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Thousands of people were affected by an emergency stop of a Shinkansen train in Japan due to abnormal noise.

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November 27 According to Japanese media reports, at about 9:35 a.m. local time on the 27th, a Shinkansen train in Japan suddenly made an abnormal sound and then braked urgently. The incident affected thousands of people’s travel.

Reportedly, the problematic train is a train “Yamahiko” on the Tohoku Shinkansen from Sendai to Tokyo, number 130. As the train was driving to the section from Shiraishi Tibetan King to Fukushima, there was a sudden abnormal sound, and the driver then took emergency brakes.

According to the report, after the train brakes, the staff immediately inspected the train and then confirmed that the problem would not affect the normal operation of the train. After about 20 minutes, the train resumed operation.

According to East Japan Railways, the emergency braking caused a total of four trains on the line to delay, affecting the travel of about 1,100 people. At present, the company is investigating the specific reasons for abnormal noise in detail.

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