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Those who don’t have confidence in India’s vaccine are mentally retarded!

Those who don't have confidence in India's vaccine are mentally retarded!

India’s first domestic coronavirus vaccine was authorized and has attracted attention recently. However, the vaccine has been criticized by some people in India. For example, some Indian parliamentarians believe that the vaccine has not yet proved effective and it is too early to be approved.

In the face of doubts, Russia Today (RT) reported on the 4th that Dharmendra Pradhan, the Minister of Oil and Gas of India, made the fierce words in the beginning.

The Indian Drug Administration officially approved the emergency use authorization of the local coronavirus vaccine Covaxin on the 3rd. According to the Times of India on the 3rd, Covaxin is the first coronavirus vaccine developed in India.

It was developed by Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in cooperation with the Indian Medical Research Council and the National Institute of Virology of India.

According to the report, the results and efficacy of the third phase of the clinical trial of Covaxin have not yet been announced.

Although the official expert group of India believes that the data provided is not enough to grant emergency use of the vaccine and requested more information, it agreed to the recommendation for restricted emergency use of the vaccine on the 2nd.

In the face of some doubts about the development and efficacy of the vaccine, according to RT, Indian Minister of Oil and Gas Damendra Pradhan declared on the 4th that most Indians welcomed the Indian government’s vaccine plan.

At the same time, he accused some lawmakers of not being unreasonable about the criticism of the vaccine.

In a speech full of vulgar rhetoric, Pradan claimed that India’s own COVID-19 vaccine was “a special achievement” for the country’s pharmaceutical companies, and that those who worried about the efficacy of such drugs “do not believe in scientists and India’s strength” and have “intellectual disabilities”.

He said: “Some people with intellectual disabilities will never make progress, especially the leadership of the Congress Party. They are picking faults in everything.”

Covaxin was reportedly developed by Bharat Biotech, an Indian pharmaceutical company. Earlier, on January 1, the Indian Drug Administration approved the Oxford/AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine for emergency use.

According to the website of India Today, according to the results of local trials disclosed by the Indian Serum Institute, the Oxford/AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine is more than 70% efficient and will be produced by the Indian Serological Institute.

However, the results and efficacy of the third phase of Covaxin clinical trials have not yet been announced. In response, RT said in the report that some Indian parliamentarians said that the Covaxin vaccine had not yet been proven effective and it was too early to approve it.

Indian MP Shahi Tharoor said the launch of the vaccine showed that the government “mores slogans over substance”, adding that “the rhetorical ‘vaccine nationalism’ has overwhelmed common sense and established scientific norms throughout the gener

According to the report, some Indian politicians’ criticism of the vaccine is even more extreme.

Ashutosh Sinha, leader of the Socialist Party of India, is even more worried that the vaccine “may contain harmful ingredients” and claims that these vaccines may lead to “masculine sexual dysfunction” and “depopulation reduction”. Less”.

Somani (Venugopal G, director of the Indian Drug Administration). Dr. Somani, on the other hand, told the local media that the vaccine was “11 percent safe” and tried to dispel such rumors.

However, his assurances have not been recognized by Indian medical circles. 

All India Drug Action Network, India’s health watchdog, said it was “shocked” at the Indian government’s decision to approve the Covaxin vaccine, adding that “the lack of efficacy data has triggered people” There is a strong concern.

India is reportedly considering approval of several other vaccines, including Russia’s “Sputnik-V”, which is said to have a validity of 91.4%; a vaccine jointly developed by Pfizer and BioNTech is also under consideration, which is said to be 95% effective.

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