This time, it the turn of United States to send it to international “presidential stage”, and more than 110 countries took the initiative.

United States is the representative of Western developed countries, and it is also the “place of immigration” that many people dream of. The reason why the United States has become a “place of yearning” for foreign people is because the United States has always prided itself on “freedom, democracy, and equality.” 

But the reality is not the case.

The United States is not only a free and democratic country, but a country full of racial discrimination and social violence, with serious human rights problems.

The United Nations Human Rights Council held a meeting on human rights issues in the United States. 

During this period, many countries have criticized and improved the United States. This shows that the human rights issue in the United States has aroused widespread concern in the international community.

Human rights in the United States

Recently, Geneva ushered in a conference on human rights. The meeting was convened by the United Nations Human Rights Council, attended by more than 110 countries including Britain and France, and mainly discussed human rights issues in the United States. In June this year, the United Nations Human Rights Council held an emergency meeting on human rights issues in the United States.

In this meeting, various countries expressed their hope that the United States would eliminate domestic racial and gender discrimination issues. At the same time, the member states of the UN Human Rights Council made it clear that they hope the US government will approve those bills related to human rights issues as soon as possible. Although the US government has repeatedly stated that it “always adheres to freedom, democracy, and equality,” domestic racism and discrimination against children and women are still very serious.

Chinese representative stated

In addition to serious domestic human rights issues, the United States also arbitrarily interferes in other countries’ internal affairs under the slogan of “protecting human rights.” In recent years, countries such as Iran and Venezuela have been sanctioned by the US government. Moreover, the US military often violated humanitarianism when carrying out counter-terrorism operations and tortured terrorists. Various circumstances indicate that the United States has extremely serious human rights problems.

Today, the United States is deeply mired in a crisis of racism, and this is the consequence of the US government’s failure to pay attention to human rights issues. At this meeting, the Permanent Mission in Geneva Chinese envoy calls for end Jiang said: The United States ” to stop politically motivated human rights as a pretext to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs ” In addition, the American Civil Liberties Union also pointed out that the US government’s human rights report is “the worst attempt to cover up human rights violations by the United States since the 20th century.”

In recent years, the United States has become increasingly domineering and has found many unrealistic excuses to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. Countries around the world have long been dissatisfied with the hegemonic behavior of the United States. This time, more than 110 countries accused the United States in the meeting, exposing serious human rights problems in American society. This shows that the illusion of “freedom and democracy” created by the US government has been completely broken.