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There is a panic rush in the UK: Someone threatens supermarket security with knives and leg of mutton

There is a panic rush in the UK: Someone threatens supermarket security with knives and leg of mutton


December 23rd – Due to the variant of the novel coronavirus, the United Kingdom imposed the highest level of “level 4” blockade restrictions on London and the southeastern part of the United Kingdom from the 20th.

Some people hoarded goods in supermarkets for fear of commodity shortages, which turned into a panic buying frenzy. Even supermarket security guards are threatened by customers holding knives or even leg of mutton.

British people line up for shopping (Reuters)

According to the British Mirror on the 22nd, from 6 a.m. that day, there has been a long line around the supermarket, and there is also a “commodity battle” inside the mall.

Lucy Smith, 27, told the media that she was taking the Yorkshire pudding in her cart when she was shopping in Burpham, West Sussex.

Not only were the goods robbed, but supermarket security guards said that some crazy customers threatened him with knives, syringes and even leg of mutton.

Paul Aite, 43, on duty outside a Tesco supermarket in Portsmouth (the British supermarket chain), said he had been threatened with weapons on many occasions.

Despite his experience in bar security, Aite has admitted that some people who struggle to accept the rules under the epidemic will do some eye-dropping behaviors, and he is not prepared for it.

Multiple shelves in supermarkets become empty (video screenshot)

“Crazy customers acted like they were addicted to cocaine, throwing leg of lamb and a mountain bike at the security guards. I was even cut by several scissors,” Aite said. “Once, someone even tried to kick open the glass door and rush into the store.

It was crazy. There are also two women in their 60s, because one of them thinks the other person jumps the queue and hits the wheelbarrow at each other. One of them was subsequently taken away by an ambulance.”

Tesco Group also said that in recent months, it has found an increase in violence and attacks against its supermarket staff and security personnel. This week, Asda, a British supermarket chain, announced that it would strengthen security measures in 421 large British stores to deal with panic buying during Christmas.

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