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There have been cases of Coronavirus circulating in the UK, with two cats infected by their owners

There have been cases of Coronavirus circulating in the UK, with two cats infected by their owners

April 23 2021 The United Kingdom has confirmed two cases of human infection with the cat’s Coronavirus, Sky News reported. After discovering that owners can transmit the virus to their pets, the researchers warned owners of Coronavirus not to easily hold or have intimate contact with their pets until they have fully recovered.

The cats in these two cases were of different breeds, living in their respective families, and each showed mild and severe respiratory symptoms. Researchers believe both cats were infected by their respective owners. Both owners had symptoms of Coronavirus before the cat fell ill.

Daniela dos Santos, vice-president of the British Veterinary Association, said: “There are only a few cases of livestock worldwide, and it is the new coronavirus that has been transmitted to animals in humans. He added, “Our advice is to avoid contact with pets and maintain good hygiene practices, such as regular hand washing, if they have Coronavirus or have developed symptoms.” If your pet needs care, wash your hands before and after interacting with them and try to wear a mask. ”

British media said there is no evidence that infected cats can transmit the Coronavirus to humans, other livestock do not have such transmission. But researchers say pets have the potential to act as a “virus bank” for the ongoing spread of the outbreak.

Margaret Hosie, professor at the Centre for Virus Research (CVR) at the UNIVERSITY of Glasgow, said: ‘As the number of cases of new coronaviruses in humans continues to decline, we need to pay more attention to the spread of new coronaviruses between animals, as this could lead to the re-introduction of the virus back to humans.’

The first case of infection was a four-month-old doll cat cub. Its owner had symptoms similar to Coronavirus in late March 2020, but had not been tested. In April 2020, the kitten was taken to a veterinarian with breathing difficulties, but his condition deteriorated. A post-mortem examination found that the kitten had viral Coronavirus and a new coronavirus in its lungs. The second case was a 6-year-old Siamese cat from another family whose owner tested positive for a Coronavirus. The Siamese cat had mild symptoms and later recovered.

Scientists believe that because of the limitations of animal testing, these two cases may indicate that we are underestimating the spread of the new coronavirus between humans and animals. British media said that the world has reported a number of cases of cats infected with the Coronavirus, it is presumed that they are infected by their owners.

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