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The White House approves the daily presidential briefing to Biden’s team

Bolsonaro admitted Biden's victory.

Biden (first from left), Brinken (second from left)

ABC just reported that the White House approved the daily presidential briefings to the team of “President-elect” Biden “as part of the support transition,” the Office of the National Intelligence Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).

A White House official confirmed that Trump, who refused to acknowledge and continue to seek to challenge the election results in court, signed a “sharing briefing” agreement, the Capitol Hill said. But it’s unclear when Biden will receive his first “Daily Presidential Briefing.”

On the 23rd local time, Secretary Murphy, the U.S. General Administration Bureau, informed President-elect Biden and his team on the same day that they were ready to start the regime transition process and would distribute more than $7 million to Biden as transitional funds.

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