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The White House admits that most Americans will still need months to get vaccinated.

The White House admits that most Americans will still need months to get vaccinated.


January 28th – At its first coronavirus briefing, the White House admitted that even if the new government increases vaccination action, most Americans still need to wait months to get vaccination.

According to the Washington Post on the 28th, the Biden administration said in its first coronavirus briefing that due to shortage of supplies and the lack of personnel responsible for vaccination, it will take some time to meet the vaccination needs of most Americans after the vaccine is launched.

Andy Slavitt, a senior White House adviser, said in a briefing that “everyone who urgently needs a vaccine has to wait for months” and that the U.S. government is working “with incredible urgency and purpose” to improve the availability of vaccines.

Officials also said the White House is also expanding the number of vaccinators and plans to instruct the Department of Health and Human Services to adopt a law that will enable more health care workers and allow them to move across states.

Rochelle Walensky, the new director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), admitted on the 24th for the first time that the federal government’s existing number of coronavirus vaccines is not enough to supply states.

 “For multiple states like New York, we don’t have enough vaccines to meet the doses that states need,” she told Fox News.

Valensky acknowledged that the shortage of vaccine supply will be one of the biggest challenges in the first few weeks of the current U.S. government’s term.

Valensky said he sincerely hoped that there would be more vaccine production in the United States after the first 100 days.

New York Gov. Cuomo shouted at the weekend that the federal government should “do everything possible to increase supply”. Cuomo said that the New York state’s vaccine inventory is very low and “may have been exhausted”.

On Friday (22nd), the mayor of New York also requested that the federal government send more doses and allow the vaccine originally used as a second dose to be administered to people who have not yet been injected with the first dose.

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