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“The way is different. I don’t plan with these four media!”

"The way is different. I don't plan with these four media!"

At noon on January 6, Trump spoke in front of the White House. After the impact on Congress, Trump was accused of "sedition" According to The New York Times

January 13th, local time, the New York Times reported a piece of news in the American media circle, which is very worth pondering.

According to reports, someone inside the New York Post has revealed that the media has notified its editorial staff not to report any further reports according to CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and Washington Post. The four media wrote articles, and these four media were also named “Fake News” by Trump.

The report also pointed out that the reason for the “ban” is very straightforward, and that as a right-wing media, the New York Post’s quoting these four “liberal media” obviously does not match its position. In fact, the senior media has long been dissatisfied with the recent “negative reports” of his editor against Trump.

The news came from three New York Post reporters who did not want to be named, the report said. They said that Michelle Gotthelf, editor-in-chief of the digital website of the New York Post, and the editors of various pages issued the notice that the four media reports were no longer quoted as sources of information.

Compared with the “liberal flagship media” The New York Times, although the name sounds similar, the New York Post is obviously less well-known. In fact, the New York Post, which is currently owned by the news group of global media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, is a tabloid that leans towards the right.

According to the New York Times, reporting solely on or citing information from other media organizations has always been the “customary way” of the New York Post to produce news content without confirmation of independent reporting by journalists. The report also pointed out in a slightly “in a” tone that the New York Post is not the only media that uses this method. Many news websites have been successful by “repackaging” the news of other media, so today’s directive is unusual.

Three reporters said that the New York Post has been understaffed for a long time, and some journalists have to write five articles a day, or even more, which is also a major reason why they cite other media to write stories.

Why did you choose only these four media instead of Vanity Fair or CBS? The New York Times said that the three reporters who revealed the news did not give any explanation, but said that the reason was self-evident.

According to the report, Murdoch owns media such as Fox News and Fox Business, which played an important role in Trump’s rise. On the other hand, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and Washington Post are classified as “liberal media”, and reporting according to these media sources is inconsistent with the New York Post’s right-wing position.

Col Allan, a senior journalist who has worked under Murdoch for about 40 years, also returned to the mountain during the 2020 U.S. presidential election. He was the editor-in-chief of the New York Post from 2001 to 2016, responsible for the operation of the newspaper and fully supported the Republican Party. The candidate Trump sometimes belittles his opponent.

However, in the final stage of the election, when Trump showed signs of defeat, the tone of the New York Post’s reporting seemed to have changed. In a report article on the eve of polling day, the New York Post said that Trump’s claims that “political opponents are trying to steal the election” are groundless. Allen, who was seen wearing “MAGA Little Red Riding Hood” in the office, also announced that he would retire.

It has also been noted that the scale of the New York Post’s transformation has gradually increased since then. After Trump kept claiming that “the election was rigged” after the election was over, the newspaper published an editorial entitled “Stop the Insanity” on the front page of December 28 last year, which criticized Trump’s refusal to accept the election results and urged him to “do everything you can” End this farce quickly.

Three reporters revealed that the top editor of the New York Post has long been dissatisfied with recent reports of Trump in his own media. After the riots in the U.S. Congress, the media quoted a CNN article to report that the 25th Amendment to the Constitution could remove Trump, and also paid attention to Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s “memo”, according to the Washington Post. And these media are now on the New York Post’s “No List”.

It is worth noting that some news media were also “targets” by demonstrators during last week’s riots in the U.S. Capitol. On the same day, a large number of Trump supporters shouted slogans such as “CNN sucks”, and MSNBC reporters at the scene were afraid to reveal the media logo on the interview equipment or clothes.

One day after the incident, three New York Times congressional reporters wrote articles recalling the chaotic scenes and experiences of the Senate and the House of Representatives. One of the female photographers was “targeted” by demonstrators and police, and felt that “it may be dying” when no one was rescued.

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