The vice chairman of the African Union once again thanked China for its aid to fight the pandemic saying that China-Africa friendship in adversity continues to sublimate

African Union once again donated anti-epidemic materials to the African Union on behalf of the Chinese government.

On behalf of the AU Commission Chairman Faki, Kwadi, vice chairman of the African Union, thanked the Chinese government for its many aids. Kwadi said that China has set an example for Africa and the world in fighting the epidemic.

China-Africa friendship has emerged from the difficult period of national liberation, and has been sublimated in sharing weal and woe and fighting the epidemic together, and has been continuously deepened in the practice of multilateralism and the cause of maintaining fairness and justice. The African Union Commission is willing to cooperate fully with China to promote the continuous development of China-Africa comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership to a higher level.

Ambassador Liu Yuxi of the Chinese Mission to the African Union said that with the joint efforts of the African Union and African countries, Africa has achieved more than expected results in the fight against the epidemic, which is praised by the world. Since the epidemic, China and Africa have helped each other through storms and storms, composing a good story of unity in fighting the epidemic.

Up to now, the Chinese government has shipped more than 400 tons of emergency anti-epidemic materials to African countries and the African Union, dispatched medical expert teams to more than ten African countries, and thousands of medical team members on the African continent to fight the epidemic with African brothers. , With 46 hospitals in 42 African countries initially confirmed the establishment of China-Africa counterpart hospital cooperation.

After the China-Africa Solidarity Anti-epidemic Special Summit was held in June, China made every effort to promote the implementation of the results of the meeting, continued to support Africa’s fight against the epidemic, accelerated the construction of the headquarters of the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, organized visits by African diplomats in China to learn about China’s new crown vaccine development. Efforts to implement the promise of bringing vaccines to Africa first.