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The United States will reach an agreement on a new round of economic relief.

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Washington, December 20 On the 20th, the two parties in the U.S. Congress agreed on a controversial economic relief package totaling about $900 billion to deal with the still raging epidemic.

Congressional Democrats and Republicans also reached a $1.4 trillion fiscal year 2021 budget (starting on October 1 this year) on the same day. The House of Representatives will vote on both options on the 21st.

Recently, the U.S. Congress voted to pass a number of temporary appropriation bills to provide funds to the federal government and avoid the government’s “closure”.

House Speaker Pelosi, who is also a Democrat, and Senate Minority Leader Schumer said that the current epidemic situation is serious and the economic relief package will provide much-needed relief to Americans, but it is far from enough.

In the future, Democrats will further promote the new plan. Senate Majority Leader McConnell, a Republican, promised to introduce more relief measures.

In recent months, the epidemic has shown a counterattack in the United States, and many places have reintroduced restrictions. Since the last round of economic relief bill in March this year, Congress has been slow to agree on a new round of relief measures.

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