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The United States threatens to strengthen sanctions on “Nord Stream II” Merkel: Strong opposition

The United States threatens to strengthen sanctions on "Nord Stream II" Merkel: Strong opposition

German Chancellor Merkel. ( Associated Press)

February 6th – The United States passed legislation earlier to open the way for strengthening sanctions against Nord Stream 2.

In response, German Chancellor Merkel expressed her strong opposition to the threat of U.S. sanctions and promised to “find a solution”.

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency on the 5th, Merkel said at a press conference held after a video conference of the German and French Defense and Security Commission that she firmly opposed the United States’ threat to impose sanctions on the “Nord Stream II” pipeline.

At the same time, Merkel promised that the differences between Germany and the United States were not as “deep” as they seemed, and promised to “find a solution” to existing differences.

Merck said that “Nord Stream II” was a “controversial” project, which was actively discussed within the EU. She pointed out that pipelines and U.S. sanctions against it will also be on the agenda in the talks with the new U.S. government.

The report pointed out that the previous U.S. government earlier urged the European Union to buy U.S. liquefied natural gas instead of Russia’s pipeline natural gas.

However, when the European Union ignored the call and carried out joint projects with Russia, the White House threatened to impose sanctions on some companies engaged in the construction of Nord Stream II. In addition, the United States has legislated on all sanctions.

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