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The United States imposes tariffs as a poisonous farewell gift left by Trump to Europe.

Impeachment proceedings may not begin before Trump leaves office


The dispute between the EU and the United States for aviation subsidies has continued from 2004 to the present.

On December 30, 2020, the United States announced a new round of retaliatory measures, that is, from January 12, 2021, tariffs will be imposed on a variety of EU commodities, involving aircraft parts and wine produced in France and Germany, with a total value of sanctioned commodities of $7.5 billion.

Previously, the European Union imposed tariffs on American products with a total price of about $4 billion last November after obtaining arbitration approval from the WTO.

The German industry and public opinion unanimously opposed the United States’s move to impose tariffs.

Walter Crusert, president of the winemaking association in the Moselle River Basin, Germany’s famous wine producing region, said recently that the United States imposed a 25% tariff on German wines, which has caused great harm to local wine farmers.

At the same time, he criticized that politicians did not provide sufficient protection to German wine dealers to cope with the heavy pressure of tariffs.

“So far, no politician has tried to help us at all levels! There is no one!”

German media called the round of tariff increase in the United States “Trump left Europe a poisonous farewell gift”.

According to the report, Trump did not successfully fulfill his election promise to reduce the trade deficit between the United States and other countries during his presidency.

The latest data shows that the U.S. trade deficit widened to $68.1 billion in November 2020, the highest since August 2006.

Therefore, Trump urgently needs to get the outcome of an accessible trade policy before the end of his term, and wants to force the EU to engage in dialogue and even consensus with the United States through pressure.

However, the German media admitted that the European Union hopes that after entering the White House, U.S. President-elect Biden can negotiate with the European Union in a more cooperative and positive manner, so as to resolve the trade dispute between the two sides this year.

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