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The United States has included the Foreign Intelligence Agency of the Russian Ministry of Defense on the sanctions list. Russian officials: The U.S. sanctions are absurd and futile.

Russian opposition leader spokesman will be placed under house arrest until March 23.

△Network map of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Recently, the United States not only accused Russia of being behind the hacking of the U.S. government and enterprises, but also waved sanctions sticks to Russia. Russia is also unwilling to show weakness, adjusting from defense forces to weapons and equipment deployment, and taking a number of measures to deal with Western military threats.

On the 21st local time, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced that 45 Russian enterprises and institutions that cooperate with the military will be added to the sanctions list, including the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Russian Foreign Intelligence Agency.

The U.S. Department of Commerce website said that the U.S. government considers these enterprises to be “military end users”, so their products are subject to export control.

Regarding the large-scale sanctions against Russia initiated by the United States, Kosachev, Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the Russian Federation, said that the sanctions imposed by the United States on Russian enterprises and government agencies are absurd and unreasonable.

Kosachev believes that the sanctions imposed by the United States on these enterprises precisely show that the United States recognizes that the rapid development of Russian related enterprises and advanced technology makes the United States have to take measures to restrict their development, but this approach is futile.

In addition, Rogozin, the director of the Russian Federal Space Agency on the sanctions list, said that the behavior of the United States was illegal and rude. The Russian scientific and technological group on the sanctions list issued a statement saying that the actions taken by the United States have no effect on Russia, and Russia is used to it.

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