United States found the first “killer bumblebee” nest built in a residential area

Source: Washington State Department of Agriculture

October 24. According to a report by CNN, on October 22, local time, entomologists from the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) discovered the first Asian hornet in the local town of Blaine. Nests, they are called “killer hornet”.

According to reports, WSDA researchers used radio trackers to mark several captured bumblebees, and these bumblebees guided the researchers to a private house. The hive was built in a tree hole in this house. Researchers saw dozens of wasps entering and leaving the tree.

Researchers plan to remove the tree on October 24. The homeowner has allowed the institution to eradicate the hive, and if necessary, the tree can be removed. WSDA has set up a trap net around Washington State, and entomologists have been tracking the tracks of other Asian hornets, trying to find and eliminate their nests.

According to reports, Asian hornets usually build nests on the ground, but occasionally they also build nests on dead trees. They are the largest bumblebees in the world and feed on bees and other insects. A small group of Asian hornet can kill an entire bee nest within a few hours. The Asian Hornet was first discovered in Washington State in December 2019. It is a non-American invasive species.