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The United States does not support “opposing to glorify Nazism”, there are only two countries in the world

The United States does not support "opposing to glorify Nazism", there are only two countries in the world

According to a report by the Global Times on December 17, Russia’s proposal to “oppose the beautification of Nazism” was passed by the United Nations with a high vote the day before. As expected, the United States, which “every Russia must oppose”, voted against it. In addition, the “Er Mao” Ukraine, which regards Russia as its mortal enemy, also voted against it.

This Russian proposal aims to “combat the beautification of Nazism, including neo-Nazism and other incitement to racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and other prejudices.” Russia calls on all countries to pass legislation to eliminate all forms of racial discrimination. , Condemned all forms of beautification of Nazism, neo-Nazism, the Nazi SS, and all “revisionism” related to World War II.

It should be said that this Russian proposal is very necessary and just. In a world dominated by the United States, there has been a turbulence in the international community over the war that took place half a century ago. The most important thing is to infinitely exaggerate the role of the United States, but infinitely reduce the role of the Soviet Union, even the Soviet Union.

The role of slander and demonization.

Today’s international situation, although great changes have taken place due to the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the basic framework including the United Nations, the unification of major powers, and the territorial territories of various countries are still established after World War II. Since the end of the Cold War, the United States has been persistently adopting a phased, small-step approach to covertly tampering with World War II history, which Russia calls “revisionism.”

Why would the United States do this? Many people may not understand the importance of history. There is a saying: If you want to perish a country, you must first perish its history. To tamper with the history of World War II, the United States is preparing for its dominance of the world.

As early as the Clinton era, the United States showed its willingness to abandon the United Nations and go it alone. At that time, some people clamored that if the United Nations did not act according to the will of the United States, then the United Nations would not exist. However, after repeated calculations, Washington found that the abolition of the United Nations did not use the United States to control the world, so it turned to another, more “moderate” approach-transforming the United Nations and the world.

Everyone knows that Russia’s “revisionism” in World War II refers to the revision of the history of World War II by American and Western public opinion and scholars. A bill passed by the European Parliament last September related to the determination that World War II was jointly initiated by the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany on the grounds that the two countries signed a non-aggression treaty in 1939 and that the Soviet Union attacked Poland.

In May of this year, the U.S. Department of Defense published a document entitled “European Victory Day: A Moment for Celebration and Thinking”, emphasizing that the conflict in World War II began when Germany and the Soviet Union “invaded” Poland. The main force of fascism, the White House emphasized that the United States and Britain defeated the Nazis!

Such tampering is shameless! The Soviet Union was the country with the heaviest human losses in World War II, with 1 in 10 people dead, a sharp drop of more than 26 million people, and most of them were young adults. On the Soviet-German battlefield, 80% of German tanks and about 70% of German fighters were concentrated. During the war, the Soviet Red Army crushed 626 divisions of the Axis powers, of which 508 were German.

Countries in the world, are familiar with the battles led by the United States and Britain, such as the North African battlefield and the Normandy landing, but are gradually forgetting that bloody battle on the Soviet-German front that is countless times more violent than these battles.

Why? It was a public opinion war between the United States and the West using their international discourse power to convince the global public that it was the fascism that the United States and Britain led the world to defeat.

On June 18 this year, the angry Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote a signed long article entitled “The Real Lessons of the 75th Anniversary of the Second World War” in the US magazine “National Interest”, aiming at the historical revisionism in the West and denying the Soviet Union World War II. Putin made a strong response to his contribution.

Putin provided a lot of hard evidence in the article. For example, he decrypted Churchill’s letter to Stalin on September 27, 1944: “It was the Russian army that tore the guts from the German military machine… “

In this battle between the Russians and the United States and the West, As human being we must definitely support nobody for war, but the situation is even more embarrassing. 

The narratives of World War II in the United States and the West can only eliminate the Soviet Union’s great achievements in World War II only a little bit, but the narratives of the battlefield basically left no place from the beginning. Of course, this also has a lot to do with the performance of any country army.

But no matter what, we used tens of millions of lives to hold back the main force of the Japanese army and bought precious time for the Allied forces to win the victory.

At the same time, Nazism and neo-Nazism, which promote racism, are rampant in some countries. In Ukraine, the neo-Nazist group became an important political force and even equipped with weapons. Even in Western European countries that are strictly guarding against Nazism, Nazism has also revived. Not long ago, two photos taken in Afghanistan in 2007 were exposed online. 

The photo shows that a flag with a Nazi logo was actually hung on an Australian military vehicle.

Today, when the world economy is in recession and politics is constantly polarizing, the international situation is very similar to that before World War II, which provides a general environment for the resurgence of the Nazis. If humans cannot learn the lessons of history, we are likely to cross the “same river” a second time. 

Although the United States’ ban on beautifying Nazism is inconsistent with its “right to free speech” under the First Amendment to the Constitution, do you believe it?

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