The UK will restrict the promotion of junk food from April 2022, banning “buy one get one free”

The British government said on the 28th local time that in response to public health problems, from April 2022, the government will prohibit restaurants from launching “buy one get one free” activities for high-fat, high-salt foods and sugary drinks, and restrict stores’ promotions for such products.

According to Reuters on the 28th, the British government said on the same day that obesity is one of the public health problems facing the UK for a long time.

According to statistics, nearly two-thirds of British adults are overweight, and one third of primary school graduates face overweight or obesity.

To solve this problem, the British government decided to ban restaurants from launching a “buy one get one free” promotion for junk food such as high-fat, high-salt food and sugary drinks from April 2022.

In addition, stores will not be allowed to promote such sales at checkout counters, entrances and aisles.

In response, HHS official Joe Churchill said, “We are introducing a series of measures to ensure that people can make healthy choices.

Creating an environment that helps people eat healthy food more often is essential to improve national health.

The British government issued a new policy to deal with obesity in July this year, proposing for the first time to implement measures such as restricting junk food advertising and promotion activities to reduce the obesity rate in the country.

According to previous reports, British Prime Minister Johnson has criticized the taxation of junk food and said that he himself has a “liberal” attitude towards reducing obesity rates.

But after he contracted COVID-19 and once went to the intensive care unit, his attitude towards dealing with obesity changed, starting to control his weight and supporting the government’s restrictions on junk food.