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The UK confirms the bad news of the virus mutation, where are the domestic people who advocate herd immunity

WHO: Up to three-quarters of the population are still vulnerable to COVID-19


According to the Global Times, British Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed the emergence of a mutated new coronavirus, which is related to the surge in the number of cases in the southeast region. It is reported that at least 60 local governments in the UK have confirmed this mutation, and the total number of reported cases exceeds 1,000. British scientists are conducting research on this and have reported it to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Facts have proved that the herd immunity advocated by the United Kingdom has failed completely. Of course, since British Prime Minister Boris contracted the Coronavirus and walked in front of the ghost gate, he never mentioned herd immunity again.

When the Coronavirus pandemic first began to spread in the UK, Prime Minister Boris, known as the “Trump of the United Kingdom,” brought a vote of experts from his country to sell the “magic cure” of herd immunity to the world and the people of his country, and launched it in March The British version of the “Herd Immunization Program” plans to infect 40 million people with the new coronavirus to gain immunity.

In fact, it is not the UK that engages in “herd immunity”. Sweden, which likes to show superiority to China all day long, is also engaged in “herd immunity”. On the day before Johnson made the decision, the Swedes urgently announced that they would stop testing suspected patients, and high-risk groups would only be sampled for inspection. This is abandoning resistance and herd immunity!

Of course, the consistently proud Swedes still have to show their face. Although they are engaged in the group immunity system, they are embarrassed to talk about group immunity directly. More other European countries, either because they are unable to deal with the impact of this major disaster, or because they are unwilling to suffer economic losses caused by the shutdown of factories and shops, are in fact taking the path of herd immunity.

In fact, the governments of these countries are not considered hateful, anyway they are harming their own people. The most hateful thing is that some people in our country, when foolishly kneeling and licking the irresponsible group immunity in the West, they also conscientiously insinuate and slander their own country. For example, Yu Xiaohua, an economist who was touted by Caixin.

Yu Xiaohua’s resume is not glamorous. He graduated from Pennsylvania State University in the United States with a double Ph.D. in agriculture, environmental and regional economics, and demography. Since the same year, he has taught at the University of Göttingen in Germany; his main research direction is agricultural economics Science, development economics, behavioral economics and environmental economics.

Take a look at his two Weibo posts. Anyone with no dyslexia can understand what this allusion on March 11th. Take a look at the Weibo he posted on March 14. How much he hopes that the UK’s herd immunity will be successful, causing trouble for a certain country in his mouth. Fortunately, the facts later fully proved that compared with the Western countries he touted, the performance of the Chinese government is simply unparalleled.

Of course, there are many more shameless people than him. For example, the following one, boasting “the British strategy of herd immunity, reveals why human civilization is mainly created by Europeans, because they have the courage to accept nature and the environment’s choices for themselves, so that the ones that exist are the strongest. The most. Strong people can naturally create everything.

Another example is the following big V who was once very active on Weibo, but was deleted because of too much rumors.

When Britain confirmed the bad news of virus mutation, it proved once again that the myth of herd immunity was completely bankrupt. At this time, where did those who advocated herd immunity in the country died? Today, Western countries have been tossing for almost a year, but in the end not all have to copy China’s JOB!

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