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The U.S. winter storm disrupts vaccine delivery. The Biden administration promises to increase state supply.

The U.S. winter storm disrupts vaccine delivery. The Biden administration promises to increase state supply.

On February 15th, local time, Texas, USA, was hit by a winter storm, and the temperature in Houston fell to minus 8 degrees Celsius. The picture shows the snow on the road in Houston, and the vehicles are moving slowly. Photo by Zeng Jingning, reporter of China News Service

February 17th – the winter storm in the United States has affected the delivery and vaccination of vaccines in many places.

the 16th local time, the Biden administration said that it would increase the dose of coronavirus vaccine distributed to states to achieve President Biden’s goal of completing 100 million vaccinations within 100 days of office.

Winter storms affect vaccine delivery

Biden administration promises to increase vaccine supply

It is reported that getting 100 million people vaccinated against the coronavirus 100 days after taking office was Biden’s main commitment and goal before taking office.

However, in the past few days, there have been large-scale blizzards across the United States, roads have been frozen, traffic has fallen into chaos, and more than 4 million families and businesses in Texas and other places have been blackouts, affecting vaccine transportation and vaccination.

However, regarding reaching the goal, Biden said through social media, “As we make progress, we believe that we can not only achieve this goal, but also break it.” Biden also said that all Americans are expected to have a vaccine by August.

White House spokesman Saggy also said at a regular White House press conference on February 16 that the dose of vaccines shipped to the United States this week will increase from 11 million doses a week to 13.5 million doses, an increase of 57% from when Biden first took office.

The Biden administration will also increase the weekly supply of vaccines to pharmacies.

When will most Americans be able to get a vaccine?

Fauci gave this prediction

The U.S. is currently facing the threat of a more contagious variant virus found in the UK, and despite the decline in the number of new cases in recent weeks, experts expect the downward trend is temporary.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, by the end of March, the mutant virus found in the United Kingdom will become the main strain of transmission in the United States, making it crucial to get more people vaccinated as soon as possible.

However, Fauci, the chief White House medical adviser, told the media on February 16 that most Americans will get a coronavirus vaccine in mid-to-late May or early June, which is slightly delayed by his previous estimates.

Fauci said that insufficient supply remained a “critical issue”.

For weeks, state health officials have been demanding a more stable supply of vaccines. Due to insufficient doses, some large-scale vaccination sites in the United States have to be delayed or temporarily closed.

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