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The U.S. Supreme Court rejected Texas’s request to overturn Biden’s victory.

Hundreds of people will be arrested in the United States in riots. Are allies far away from Trump and seek the help of former advisers?

In 2020, Trump and Biden each won a "first place". Photo Source: European News Agency)

The Hill just reported that the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Texas’s claim to overturn President-elected Biden’s victory on the 11th local time.

On the evening of the 7th, Trump’s ally, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court over the election results in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia.

On the 9th, Missouri and 17 other states announced their support for Texas’ lawsuit to prevent voters from voting in the electoral college, and Arizona followed suit.

The Attorney General of these 19 states is Republican. On the 10th, six states, including Missouri, further asked the Supreme Court to involve them directly in the case.” 19 states are fighting for us, almost unprecedented support!” Trump tweeted on the 11th.

Pennsylvania and four other states have 62 electoral votes. According to the current election results, Biden won 306 electoral votes, Trump won 232 votes, and the threshold for election is 270 votes.

On the 14th, the Electoral College will vote for the President and Vice President, and then count in a joint meeting of the two houses of Congress on January 6.

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