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The U.S. State Department actually scolded WHO experts!

The U.S. State Department actually scolded WHO experts!

Yesterday afternoon (9th), the joint expert group on novel coronavirus traceability, formed by the World Health Organization and Chinese experts, held a press conference in Wuhan and released preliminary research results on the source of the novel coronavirus that is of concern to the world.

However, at a press conference held later, the U.S. State Department not only refused to acknowledge the scientific findings of the WHO, but also implicitly scolded WHO experts, implying that these well-known experts who carried out objective investigations under global attention were crazy.

Judging from the transcripts and videos of the press conference released on the official website of the U.S. State Department, after the press conference began, many on-site reporters began to take turns on the results of the World Health Organization’s virus traceability study in Wuhan, China.

Ned Price, spokesman of the U.S. State Department of the United States Department of State Department of State. Ask questions.

These questions mainly focus on two aspects: one is to ask the State Department spokesman of the Biden administration how he thinks that the virus obtained by the WHO is not from Wuhan laboratory, and the previous Trump administration, the U.S. State Department has repeatedly claimed that it has “a large amount of evidence and intelligence” to show the virus.

From Wuhan Laboratory. The other is to ask him what he thinks of China’s statement that it should be traced back to other places simultaneously.

However, despite Biden’s rise to power, mainstream media in the United States generally believed that he would change the “highly politicized” hype of U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo on the coronavirus issue under the Trump administration, and distort the origin of the novel coronavirus with various fabricated conspiracy theories – especially the vicious pollution of Wuhan virus.

Limbly, but Price, the State Department spokesman of the Biden administration, did not show a difference from Pompeo, but answered the above questions in a covert, unreasonable word, and even secretly attacked the experts of the World Health Organization.

As shown in the figure below, after a reporter asked him about the discovery that the virus obtained by the WHO did not come from the Wuhan laboratory, how he thought that former U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo claimed that there was “a lot of evidence” that “the virus came from the laboratory” and whether he thought it was wrong.

They said that they needed to see the World Health Organization’s investigation reports first, and then argued that he needed to analyze them in combination with the intelligence information of the United States itself, and then refused to draw conclusions on this issue – even if many mainstream scientists around the world have said that laboratory leaked or laboratory-made The statement is very unreliable.

What’s more shocking is that when faced with the reporter on the scene how to view China’s proposal to carry out virus traceability in other parts of the world, and asked him whether he thought the World Health Organization should investigate other places or only focus on Wuhan, the spokesman of the State Council of the Biden administration actually claimed that “No rational person would think the virus came from somewhere else.”

The reason why this statement is shocking is that at the Wuhan press conference, WHO experts have made it clear that Wuhan’s South China Seafood Market may be just a place for the outbreak of the virus, but not necessarily the source.

And Peter Daszak, a British virologist at the expert group, also said on his personal social account and in an interview with our Global Times in English that an important discovery in Wuhan was that the virus may have spread to Wuhan through other intermediate animal hosts that are susceptible to the novel coronavirus.

Markets, and these intermediate animal hosts come from specific regions and villages where bats carrying coronavirus-related to the novel coronavirus, so they will continue to carry out further traceability work in such areas, including Southeast Asia.

Therefore, Price’s statement that “no rational person will think that the virus comes from elsewhere” is tantamount to attacking these respected virus scholars in the WHO, which is tantamount to saying that these professionals are “crazy”.

The U.S. State Department’s remarks that ignore the scientific findings of the WHO expert team and even attack them roundabouts have directly aroused the dissatisfaction of experts.

As shown in the figure below, Marion Koopmans, a Dutch virologist from the WHO expert team, now raised the refusal of the U.S. government to recognize the results of the WHO on her personal account: “It really started, and I don’t even want to wait for the report, right?”

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