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The U.S. Secretary of State said that the United States was evaluating the agreement with the Taliban.

The TalibaChairman of the High Commission for National Reconciliation in Afghanistan calls on the Taliban to resume dialoguean call on the United States to implement its withdrawal commitment

Pompeo arrived in Doha, the capital of Qatar, and held talks with Taliban negotiators (Source: AFP)

January 28, local time, U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken called Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and reiterated to him that the United States was reviewing the agreement with the Taliban.

And whether the Taliban have fulfilled their commitment to cut off links with terrorist organizations, reduce violence in Afghanistan, and engage in meaningful negotiations with the Afghan government and other stakeholders.

Brincoln has been quite vague about the Biden administration’s plan for Afghanistan.

At a press conference on January 27, he mentioned the need to understand “what exactly is the agreement reached between the United States and the Taliban to ensure that we are fully aware of the commitments made by the Taliban and all the commitments we make.”

The U.S. government temporarily retained the post of Special Representative for Afghan Reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad.

According to He Ghani’s telephone record, Blincoln “reaffirmed his hope that all Afghan leaders would support this historic opportunity for peace while preserving the progress made over the past 20 years, such as human rights, civil liberties and the role of women in Afghanistan’s society”.

The report said that the Secretary of State promised to consult with the Afghan government, NATO allies and international partners on a collective strategy to support Afghanistan’s stable, sovereign, democratic and secure future.

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