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The U.S. military in Japan has begun to vaccinate against the novel coronavirus.

The unfair distribution of the global new Coronavirus vaccine, why does the West not mention human rights at this time?

On December 21, in Connecticut, United States, medical staff prepared for the coronavirus vaccine. Picture/People's Vision

Reuters just reported that on the 28th local time, the U.S. military in Japan began the first round of coronavirus vaccination.

According to the report, the vaccination work was carried out at Yokota Air Force Base. Reuters quoted a military spokesman as saying that the U.S. military in Japan received nearly 8,000 doses of vaccine last week.

According to previous reports, the United States launched coronavirus vaccination on the 14th of this month. The first group of vaccinations was medical staff and groups living in long-term care institutions such as nursing homes. The U.S. government aims to complete the vaccination of 100 million doses by March 1 next year.

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