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The U.S. military base exposed sexual scandal again. A 19-year-old female victim died in a barracks on New Year’s Eve.

The U.S. military base exposed sexual scandal again. A 19-year-old female victim died in a barracks on New Year's Eve.

U.S. Blisberg Base

Male soldiers at the U.S. Fort Blisburg Base were accused of sexually assaulting three women, of whom the 19-year-old female victim has died.

A soldier of the 1st Panzer Division at the U.S. base in Fort Blisburg was recently accused of sexually assaulting three women, including one found dead on New Year’s Eve.

The report said that the soldier, from the 1st Battalion of the 501st Aviation Regiment, attended a military court hearing on Thursday and was charged with three counts of sexual assault, one count of serious assault and two counts of false testimony to military investigators.

According to the indictment, Alvarado was charged with raping Blisburg Army Private Asia Graham on December 30, 2019 while he was “comawd”.

One year later, on December 31, 2020, Graham was found dead in the barracks.

According to the Army Times on January 15, Alvarado was accused of raping an unidentified woman in El Paso, Texas, on May 8 last year.

Alvarado was also accused of sexually assaulting another unidentified woman near Fort Blis on August 26 last year.

In response, Payne, spokesman of the Blisberg Base, said that for privacy reasons, the military will not disclose whether the two unidentified women in the case are military personnel.

According to the report, Graham was 19 years old and a native of Cherryville, North Carolina.

An investigation into her death is still ongoing, but the Army Criminal Investigation Command does not consider it a murder case. They are waiting for the autopsy results.

American female soldier Graham

Graham reported the sexual assault to his superiors on June 1 last year. The investigation lasted from June to October. Subsequently, the commander of her brigade ordered on November 3 that an Alvarado investigation hearing would be held on December 1.

On January 8, 2021, Major General Sean Bernabé, the director of the court martial in charge of the case, ordered that many charges of Alvarado be brought before the court martial.

Alvarado joined the army in July 2018 and arrived at the Blisburg base in February 2019.

The military has not yet planned to try him. “Remind people in the Blisburg base community that the charges are merely allegations, and Army Private Alvarado, like other Americans, should be presumed innocent until proven guilty,” the base’s chief said at a press conference.

The report said that the accusation against Alvarado was filed by the U.S. military six months after a military death that shocked all sides.

Vanessa Gillen, a female soldier at the U.S. Fort Hood base, mysteriously disappeared, and was later confirmed to have been sexually assaulted and killed by another soldier.

The case prompted U.S. military leaders to launch an independent review of the leadership of Fort Hood Base, which found that it was the flaws in the U.S. military’s chain of command that caused the unbridled culture of sexual harassment and assault to spread.

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