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News Watch: The U.S.-led multinational troops stationed in Afghanistan are stigmatizing, foreign media condemns the atrocities of the Australian troops

News Watch: The U.S.-led multinational troops stationed in Afghanistan are stigmatizing, foreign media condemns the atrocities of the Australian troops

The multinational troops stationed in Afghanistan, headed by the United States, have for many years created terror in the name of counter-terrorism and violated human rights in the name of human rights.

In December 2002, at Bagram Air Force Base, two Afghan civilians detained by the US military were beaten repeatedly and then died. After investigation, a total of 15 soldiers have been prosecuted for assault, abuse of detainees, negligence of duty, and manslaughter.

From June 2009 to June 2010, the US military premeditatedly attacked Afghan civilians, killing at least three people. The U.S. military will collect some parts of the victim’s corpse as “trophies,” and take pictures of the corpse in a specific pose. After investigation, 12 American soldiers were charged and 11 were convicted.

In March 2012, US soldier Bells broke into two villages near the US military base, shot at the villagers with a pistol and an automatic rifle, shot and killed 16 Afghan civilians, including women and children, and burned their bodies. After trial, Bells was sentenced to life imprisonment.

These heinous crimes may be just the tip of the iceberg. In October 2012, in a small village in southern Afghanistan, four boys from two families were killed by British special forces carrying out a night attack while meeting in their home.

The 4 teenagers killed were 12, 14, 17 and 20 years old. In subsequent investigations, the British government stated that two of them were suspected to be Taliban militants and the other two were suspected to be Taliban commanders.

Local community elder Zaif Razoi: They are just children. How could they be Taliban commanders? They were killed for no reason. They were completely innocent.

Foreign media and netizens condemn the atrocities of the Australian army stationed in Afghanistan

In the past few days, media and netizens from various countries have condemned the atrocities committed by the Australian troops in Afghanistan to kill Afghan prisoners of war and innocent civilians.

RT: The Afghans apologized too many times

Today, Russian TV reported in a report that Australia should apologize to Afghanistan, but Afghans have heard such apologies too many times.

Reporter from Russian TV Today: But think about how many times we have heard similar apologies from the United States and allies since 2001.

John Nicholson, then commander of the US Forces in Afghanistan: I express my deep apology. The air strike we launched blew up a hospital in Afghanistan and caused the death of hospital workers, patients and their families.

John Allen, then commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan: I sincerely apologize for any crimes committed (by the United States), and apologize to the President of Afghanistan.

Foreign netizens: Australian troops should be tried for indiscriminate killing of innocents

Some foreign netizens said that after killing someone, an apology would be finished? Never!

“It’s a heinous crime. These criminals who kill innocent people are just like terrorists. They deserve the trial they deserve.”

“These criminals are really anti-human. Their government should be ashamed of it when it slaps the human rights situation in other countries. These criminals, along with the Australian government, should be prosecuted.”

Foreign netizens: Australia survey report is just “the tip of the iceberg”

Some netizens pointed out that the investigation report released by Australia is only the “tip of the iceberg.”

“This is just part of the killing of civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq by white people. Basically, all white countries that have fought there have done this kind of activity.”

“U.S. special forces have done similar things, especially the SEALs.”

“Where is the US investigation of US military crimes?”

“Shameful for NATO and their civilization.”

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