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The U.S. and NATO operations continue to be fraught with uncertainty

South Korean media: South Korea officially joins the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence

In recent times, the United States has tried to put pressure on Russia by exploiting the situation in eastern Ukraine. The United States and its NATO allies are also conducting ongoing military exercises with Ukraine and military moves around the region. Under such circumstances, the situation in eastern Ukraine is fraught with uncertainty.

Wang Jinyan: On May 6th, U.S. Secretary of State John Blinking’s visit was a crucial support for Ukraine and a clear signal to Russia.

Ukraine is also actively mediating a Summit on the Normandy model to restart political consultations to resolve the situation in Eastern Ukraine. But we have not seen the Russian side of the relevant news and a Response from France and Germany, I am afraid that the Normandy model can be restarted is still a big question mark.

In addition, in this military aspect, Ukraine is also engaged in intensive preparations, including the previous joint military exercises in the south and the United States also held the Black Sea, but for the time being, the overall political situation remains uncertain, while the political consultation to resolve the situation in Eastern Ukraine is still in a state of deadlock, I am afraid that the situation in Eastern Ukraine still has variables.

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