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The two fought hard in the heart of Naka. Azerbaijan denies that it controls Shusha and Armenia

The two fought hard in the heart of Naka. Azerbaijan denies that it controls Shusha and Armenia

On November 8, local time, Azerbaijani President Aliyev delivered a speech to the country through AZTV, stating that the Azerbaijani armed forces have taken control of Shusha City in the Naka region. 

Aliyev said that Shusha City was free from the state of being occupied for 28 years. 

Azerbaijan has achieved this result through military operations and will continue to fight to complete victory until Naqqa and its surrounding areas are recovered.

On the same day (8th), Aliyev expressed his gratitude to the Turkish side for their political and moral support when meeting with the visiting Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu and Defense Minister Ankar. Turkish officials congratulated Aliyev on the recovery of Shusha City.

Armenia denied the news. Armenian Defense Ministry spokesman Owani said that the two sides are still engaged in a fierce “tug-of-war” over the competition for Shusha City, and Shusha City is still under Asian control. 

Despite the rapid offensive of the Azerbaijani army, the Armenian army responded favorably to the enemy’s attack. Azerbaijani President Aliyev always lied that the Azerbaijani military seized towns and settlements. 

This time, he claimed that Shusha City has been controlled by the Albanian side. This is completely false news, and the purpose is to demoralize Armenia.

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said that the Armenian side’s response was not true. 

The Asian side claimed to maintain control of Shusha City only to cover up its defeat in the battle and to reassure the people.

Shusha is the second largest city in the Naka region and its strategic position is very important.

 It is located on the road connecting Naka region and Armenia, about 15 kilometers south of Stepanakert, the capital of Naka. 

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