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The true feelings of an American intensive care unit nurse revealed: I was also defeated when I saw my life pass away.

The true feelings of an American intensive care unit nurse revealed: I was also defeated when I saw my life pass away.

The cumulative number of confirmed cases exceeds 12 million, which means that on average, one in 28 Americans has been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. According to U.S. media reports, due to the rapid growth of COVID-19 cases, especially the surge in hospitalizations, almost all of the United States is currently facing a shortage of medical staff, and the existing medical staff are almost on the verge of physical and mental collapse.

Recently, a nurse named Carol Williams in the intensive care unit of the United States hospital uploaded a selfie photo and a text of her on social media, which was widely retweeted. She said that when she was busy in the intensive care unit for hours and still unable to save the dying life, she felt that she was also defeated.

Carol Williams, who has been a nurse for 17 years, said that she exhausts her every day to do everything she can to save patients, but sometimes only watches life pass. What’s more terrible is that this experience has been repeated for eight months and will last longer.

“That feeling is really bad when the medical staff are trying every means but can’t stop the patient from getting worse and can only put the patient on a ventilator,” Carol wrote on social media. What made her even more collapsed was that maybe a few weeks later, facing the same patient, the inability to recover the medical staff had to remove his ventilator and let him say goodbye to his family on the phone.

Hospital ICU Nurse Carol Williams: When I removed the patient’s ventilator, I knew that when the patient talked to his family, it would be the last conversation in their life.

Carol said that as an intensive care nurse, she witnessed the pain, fear, anxiety, loneliness, helplessness and sadness of COVID-19 patients. She appealed all Americans to stop deceiving themselves and feeling that the epidemic is far away from themselves, those they know and loved. She said Carol said. Older and sick people will be infected with the novel coronavirus. They should take action, strictly abide by health and epidemic prevention measures, protect themselves and others.

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