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The transmission power of the novel coronavirus after mutation in the UK is 70% higher. London and other places impose the highest level of restrictions.

The strictest pandemic prevention blockade is implemented throughout England. Johnson: The situation will be more difficult in the future.

Johnson announced new epidemic prevention measures. ( Getty Images)

December 20 – British Prime Minister Johnson announced that the highest level of “level 4” blockade restrictions will be implemented from London, the capital of the British capital, as well as parts of southeastern and eastern England, from Sunday morning (20th).

According to Business Insider, the new restrictions in the hardest-hit areas, the one that went from level 3 to level 4, would be the same as those during the UK-wide lockdown in November.

In parts of London, southeastern and eastern England, residents are required to stay at home except for limited exemptions provided by law. Non-essential retail, indoor gymnasiums, recreational facilities and personal care services will be closed at midnight local time on Saturday (19th).

The new restrictions require people to work from home, avoid overnight stays elsewhere, and do not leave the local area. People across England are also advised not to travel.

At the same time, Christmas activities in the areas subject to level 4 restrictions will be cancelled, and people in level 3 restricted areas will have to change their Christmas plans.

The more stringent restrictions announced in the short term are reported to deal with the grim situation of rapid spread after the mutation of the novel coronavirus, which is currently believed to be 70% more transmittable than the original strain.

The British side said that the new variant may have been transmitted to foreign countries, and the most urgent task is to ensure that the mutant virus does not lead to higher mortality.

After Johnson announced the above measures, the Welsh government also announced that new restrictions similar to England would be introduced from the evening of the 19th local time.

According to the report, Scotland is also expected to announce stricter restrictions from the evening of the 19th.

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